David Ameil, collages, France

David Ameil

Working in collage, David Ameil gives life to a colourful, hedonistic and offbeat universe, by drawing his inspiration from rock music, lifestyle and surf culture. His imagination gives rise to an abundance of “ideal” cities and surreal stage sets; characters and fragments of architecture and pop cultures, sporadically picked from different times and places. The viewer's gaze is pinged around each composition like a pinball, picking up bits of referred data at each new image, stimulating the spectrum of our feelings and perceptions.


Each work is a small world in itself which emanates a joy of life that this lover of the South-West coast of France cultivates with insolence, brushing our dreams before approaching our surreptitious fears.  Because beyond the lightness and carelessness that emerge from these visual shambles, we see appearing a magnificent disappointment, staged often with humour. The artist likes to confuse the issue, cultivating the absurdity and extravagance with more or less esoteric details and pretense.